To Botox or Not? The answer to that could be Endor!

Aging is a normal part of life and inevitable, as a matter of fact there is a large movement of people among many walks of life urging the masses to “age gracefully” and come to acceptance. I don’t disagree with the sentiment and for those happy and content with ageing gracefully I fully support but for those of us that feel youthful on the inside and it doesn’t reflect what we see in the mirror can be damaging to our self esteem and it explains why the anti-aging movement is a multi-billion dollar industry. Options can be overwhelming and downright confusing. Magazines, TV, social media is oftentimes the culprit to the confusion and we, the consumer, are found time after time spending our hard earned money only to be left disappointed by the lack of results. What can we do? Whose opinion can we then trust? As an advanced skin therapist I have had years of trying numerous products, from over-the-counter to some of the most expensive luxurious creams and lotions on the market much to my dismay. Eyes, as an example are a sensitive area and a delicate thin tissue requiring carefully selected ingredients, but not too many. Too much active ingredient and those with highly reactive eye skin will react negatively, on the other hand, products with too many additives/bulk filler can cause negative side effects with very little positive effect. When you add in the cost and the fact that any positive effect is temporary it becomes downright angering.

Well then, what about neuromodulators? Botox (a household name) is a botulinum toxin as are Xeomin, Dysport and Jeuveau to name a few. All very potent at their job but depending on the severity of the wrinkles the cost will add up quickly and could last 3-5 months on average. I am a big fan and I will gladly recommend to anyone looking for a quick fix. There are plenty who whatever their reasons are will not go this route and that I also respect. Due to damage on my trigeminal nerve in the face, I am not a candidate for botulinum toxin, but I readily support muscle relaxants for wrinkle treatments and just because I can’t have them at this time I still want great looking eye skin and considering I am minutes away from the big 4-0 it doesn’t mean I want or need crows feet.

Couple of years ago, I was introduced to the Endor Technologies skincare line, (I wrote a blog about their Milk Cleanser some time ago, still using and loving it as much as I did in the beginning) the eye cream in this line is definitely above the rest. What makes it special?

Let’s get a few very important facts out of the way , because we are a group that takes these things seriously and knowing that Endor is free of harmful substances: “all our products are free of parabens, sensitive preservers, artifical colouring emulsifiers and aggressive surfactants, pesticides, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances, skin irritating alcohols, sulphides, formaldehydes, nitrosamines, butylated hydroxytoluene, methylisothiazolinone and others. None of our products are tested on animals.” –

With that tucked away, let’s go over what it does contain and how it works to make drastic and long lasting changes in the skin.

There are three ingredients in the anti-aging eye contour cream formulation that will contribute to the efficacy on the sensitive eye area:

GTHA (gold thioethyl amino hyaluronic acid (nano)

The GTHA stimulates (Receptor CD44 signaling) the fibroblastic syntheses of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin that will improve the appearance of wrinkles, skin firmness volume and texture. This has been the case in vivo and in vitro and is further supported through laboratory studies.

Vitamin B5 (What is the INCI from the list of ingredients

The D–Panthenol is a water-soluble vitamin. This will help reduce the water accumulation below that will help to decrease the puffiness under the eye, making the skin soft and smooth. 

Nylon 12 Fluorescent Brightener 230 salt

The Nylon 12 Fluorescent Brightener 230 salt (Nylon 12) is a unique and patented luminescent ingredient. The optically activated particles emit and diffuse visible light to dramatically reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. The 5-micron particles are undetectable by the naked eye but the emitted light illuminates the shadowed areas of wrinkles, enlarged pores and other skin imperfections, thus significantly reducing their appearance. Visibly reducing the signs of aging such as fatigue, wrinkles, dark circles, and laxity help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles and increase skin firmness.

The icing on the cake is of course their delivery system. (I discuss nanotechnology in the Milk Cleanser article) Many ingredients are beneficial but not effective unless those ingredients have a way to penetrate the depths of skin where they can cause bio-chemical changes. The same technology Endor uses for their innovative drug delivery in oncology research is the same one they incorporated into their skin care, and because science, (insert geeked out Biljana, that’s me) we know it will get right to where it needs to go to accomplish the job, and actually help regenerate the skin, remove dischromia (hyperpigmentation, melasma, sunspots), stimulate new collagen production to plump the wrinkles and even get acne under control as was my personal case.

On the left – 2016 and on the right – only a few months into using Endor Eye Cream. no make-up, no filters, un-retouched
– July 26, 2020 at the dog park, ran into an acquaintance and my lack of crows feet for my age came up, again. No make-up, un-retouched, no filters.

If my pictures don’t convince you, simply go over to where you can find numerous publications, patents, research projects, doctoral thesis’ and awards!

I use a Q-tip to decant a small amount of the cream from the jar, once a day in the morning. That is all it takes and at a price of $85 for 15mL it is more than affordable yet exceptionally above the rest in efficacy.

If you find yourself in the Calgary area #yyc you can pick up Endor Skin care from Skinfluence Medical Aesthetics Clinic, located at 232 – 2031, 33 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 1Z5 in the heart of Marda Loop.

If you have a clinic or a spa and require additional information, send your inquires to or 780-499-0566.


3 thoughts on “To Botox or Not? The answer to that could be Endor!

  1. Hello, Thank you for this amazing testimonial of your experience with the Endor Technologies Anti Aging line from Barcelona, Spain.
    I have had amazing results with this line and I highly recommend that you try it for your self. It takes a full month to see the full effect of the Endor line as it triggers your CD44 receptor at the transdermal junction to build Collagen, Elastin and H.A. in the Dermis. You will not be disappointed and be sure to share your experience!


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