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Couple of weeks ago, I had written an article about Endor Technologies Skin Care line. My experience, unlike any other products so far, has me convinced that these creators (wicked awesome Endor scientists) are on to something big. While their star products, Anti-Aging facial serum, moisturizers and anti-cellulite body cream are beyond amazing, I feel as if the cleansers do not get nearly enough credit. As I mentioned in my other article, their line is not big, and my scientific side of the brain had a hard time coming to terms that one product can work for any skin type and condition. I need you to bear with me, it will all make sense, eventually.

Yes, the facial serum and the eye contour cream most definitely check all the boxes. Collagen rebuilding. Check. Fine lines gone, yep. Pigmentation improved, oh yeah. Redness calmed, most definitely! You get my point. They do offer two moisturizers, anti-aging cream takes care of younger, normal-combination, oily skins with first signs of aging and the anti-aging nutritive moisturizer tackles aging, mature, dry skins. My fears realized as I knew they would, getting sidetracked by their spectacular, and result oriented products. This blog is about their Milk Cleanser.

Quite a few weeks into using Endor milk cleanser, I kept using my Skinceuticals Age + Blemish toner after cleansing. Once I ran out of the toner, I did the unthinkable and didn’t replace it. (I know, crazy) It turned out much better than I anticipated. Before bed, I use the milk cleanser to remove my make-up and other accumulation of daily debris, mascara was always tough, regardless of the cleanser, so when this cleanser took it off, I was impressed. (Even more, when I woke up the next day without any mascara trace around my eyelids) My worry was that, cleaning without toning would leave my skin’s pH balance whacked out and over time my barrier function would decrease, much like it does with most cleansers on the market, and the reason why so many people struggle with skin issues and sensitivities, among other conditions. It’s imperative that you tone after cleansing, that is, unless you clean your face with Endor Milk cleanser. It was time to break down the ingredient list and figure out why it works so amazingly well. It has quite a few but this company is committed to medical innovation, and when you combine brains, science and highly potent botanicals, you get a winning combination of synergistic relationships between those ingredients. Water and liquid paraffin (this is the good stuff, very small molecule which allows it to be liquid and so safe, you can ingest it) form a beautiful base, where sweet almond oil is the principal of the dance, surrounded by a cornucopia of ballet stars, such as Bisabolol, Yarrow flower extract, Horse chestnut seed extract, Calendula, Chamomilla Recutita flower extract, Witch Hazel, Mallow flower extract and Peppermint Leaf extract. Of course, no serious company will allow all these stars to spoil, so preservation is key, in small amounts. They all need to mix and mingle, and yes, a small number of emulsifiers, surfactants, thickeners and the like are needed, to allow the product to look, feel and act appropriately for as long as possible.

Milk cleanser removes all my stubborn makeup, including my mascara. I will use a q-tip to gently wipe away all mascara traces before I wipe the cleanser off.

So then, let’s get back to our principal, Sweet Almond oil. It contains many skin benefiting components, vitamin E, vitamin A, protein, potassium and zinc. This is essential to our skin’s health by promoting cellular renewal, antioxidant to neutralize free radical damage, prevent trans epidermal water loss, strengthen the cell membranes and promote healing.

Bisabolol is an extract from a part of chamomile with excellent soothing abilities, particularly beneficial for irritated and sensitive skin.

5:30am, hot shower, morning routine. I apply my cleanser before getting under the hot stream of water, keep it on until I am ready to rinse the conditioner out of my hair. My pale white skin is protected, not dried out, not itchy, or red from the hot water (vasodilation is when blood flow is stimulated to expand your vessels, which can cause white skin to have diffuse redness)

Yarrow flower has incredible healing properties, it can help prevent wounds from bleeding and even help calm conditions such as eczema. Moreover, used in a cleanser, it can help maintain skin’s pH balance, acts much like an astringent and shrinks the follicles (pores) as well as helps to control sebum production.

Next, we move onto Horse Chestnut seed extract. This potent ingredient has been used and tested to showcase its abilities to strengthen capillaries (bye bye redness), it is an antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory. To help boost all these benefits, we can’t not mention Calendula, well known for its ability to treat sun burns, it helps heal redness, acts as an antiseptic, treats wounds and it can help heal acne.

Chamomile has many parts that can be extracted and Chamomilla Recutita flower extract adds to the calming of inflammation and sensitive skin.

Witch Hazel is extremely multitasking. It is proven to relieve inflammation, reduce irritation, fight acne, protect against skin damage, controls spread of infection and, balances the pH of skin. It is usually a main component in any toner and can be found in first aid aisles of any market.

Mallow flower extract is a nice addition in helping heal wounds and Peppermint Leaf extract for soothing and cooling benefits.

You might be thinking, by this point (if you got this far) “Oh, I can just get any of these, anywhere and in lots of other products! What makes Endor Milk cleanser so special?”

Well, you see, Endor is a pharmaceutical company that has access to the cleanest most potent extracts, or synthetically derived ingredients to ensure the batch is consistently the same from one bottle to the next. The process of extraction and manufacturing is important to ensure safety, efficacy and consistent long-term effects. Medical skin care has drug like potency, designed to affect the skin structure and cause biochemical changes. It is the reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to just pick it up off a shelf, but instead see a skin specialist to determine your needs. Probably the reason why most consumers jump from one bottle to the next, continually looking for the next product that promises results, in vain. I can tell you, as a consumer myself, without the education on the histology and physiology of the skin, and basic ingredients chemistry, you are not qualified to diagnose your skin properly. Instead, we get bombarded with media telling us what we need. Do you really think Hollywood stars or social media influencers get results from the products they promote? Do you really think they even use those products? So, why do you continue to support and buy things that aren’t designed to affect the skin to change how it functions? Advertising dollars work well.

Now, I’m not naive to the fact that our industry is lacking expert skin therapists. I apologize on behalf of all those therapists that work hard and get the education to become the best in their field, because there is probably 8 out of 10 that don’t, and those are the ones that disappoint and fail you, by allowing you to walk out of your treatment without educating you. You have one skin, and your skin deserves only the best ingredients. It is your skin that entices me to keep up my own education, and my passion for educating others extends to all my students.

I will compile a list of locations that retail Endor Technologies and other amazing cosmeceuticals and update this blog when I have a complete list.


2 thoughts on “Endor Milk Cleanser

  1. Phenomenal review of a revolutionary product line. There is few other product available in Canada that can back their revolutionary claims with ‘double-blind placebo controlled trial’.
    I wish I could write as eloquenltly as you on how it has tightened my pores, evened-out my skin tone, reduced my fine lines and wrinkles. My skin glows.
    Thank you for your insights.

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  2. Hi Bijana,
    This is a true expert profesional document, a great teaching tool.
    All the ingredients are well researched and supported by science showing the quality of the formulation and the skin compatibility with this technology in the magistral combination of the formula.
    Thank you for sharing your expertise. The quality of your videos and Blog documents are Excellent. Congratulations!
    Elvira Villazon MD

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