My career journey

The journey that brings me to today has been exciting and full of life teaching moments. Much like many young adults I was overwhelmed by having to pick my career path, but my parents went through too many sacrifices to just let me be a “bum” as they lovingly reminded me. I did a bit of everything, let’s call it: Open studies *wink. Eventually, as it often is the case, my parents grew tired of paying my tuition while I jump from one field to the next, I was cut off. Not something I was happy with but in hindsight, tough love was exactly what I needed. As I was immersing myself in self-pity, a good friend suggested we have a spa day. Huh? Actually, I had no idea what that meant. “You will love it!” She proclaimed proudly, as someone who does this “spa day” thing regularly, she was exuberant to get started.

As I walked through the doors of the warmest and pleasant place I could imagine, we were greeted and ushered to our respective rooms to change into the provided robes. The treatment began with pedicures, followed by our manicures, and honestly, I didn’t think life could be any sweeter. As my fire engine red polish was drying, another therapist came over and instructed me to follow her for my facial, *gulp. Um, someone will be touching my face? I was unsure.

The very moment she took my hand in hers, I calmed down and was assured I would love the treatment. I did. Looking back on it, I don’t remember a thing about the procedure, or even her name but what stood out was how she made me feel. I carried that feeling all throughout my career and it is the reason that got me to this precise moment.

I enrolled to St. Clair College in Ontario, in 2004. Two years later I was employed full-time by my co-op college placement. The spa was a full service spa, where I put my training to good use. They had amazing technology, laser equipment and advanced treatments that many others could only dream about. I dove in whole­heartedly and 13 years later I am still continually developing.

Over the last decade, realization had dawned on me, I enjoy teaching others about my passion. Whether it’s a client, a new employee or consulting other businesses, the gut reaction always remains, I love to spread awareness, and correct misconceptions. I enjoy the relationships built and the ability to soak up something new each time I work with colleagues or students.

At some point, about 3 years ago, I concluded that as knowledgeable and passionate as I was, that teaching another person what I excel at was a whole other ball game. My research led me to Mount Royal University, and with their help, I became a certified adult educator.

Regardless of the field you are in, professional development is at its core the best way to meet and exceed your career goals. If there is a free workshop, take it! If your employer says: “There is this last minute training available…” You respond with: “What time do I need to be there?” Take initiative, come to work on time, and prepared to exceed what is expected out of you. If there is one thing I can take away from my very first spa day, is that no matter how amazing I felt, my provider did not educate me on products I need for my skin and I feel she failed me as a therapist.

Lastly, don’t go to work with a selfish mindset. The only way for your own success is if you treat your work environment the same as you would your own business. Your employer depends on you to do well, if your workplace isn’t doing well, neither will you.